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All Good Fairtrade Bananas

Our original great tasting, do gooding Fairtrade bananas.

All Good Fairtrade bananas are grown on small family farms with organic fertiliser, clean soil & fresh water. Fairtrade ensures farmers and their families get a fair deal while you get healthy, great tasting bananas.

Our bananas are sourced directly from the El Guabo Cooperative of 150 family farms in Ecuador. El Guabo is one of the oldest Fairtrade cooperatives in the world with some farms passed down over generations.

All the natural goodness of bananas and a fair deal for our friends who grow them — All Good.


All Good Organically Grown Fairtrade Bananas

Just like our original All Good Bananas farmed with organic certification.

All Good Organically Grown Fairtrade bananas have the added guarantee of supporting sustainable and regenerative farming that comes with organic certification.

El Guabo’s organic farmers are certified by the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Progamme (USDA-NOP) and European Union organic standards. Like BioGro in New Zealand the USDA’s organic standards set out strict production methods integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practice that cycles resources, promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity.

Our organic bananas are grown to certified standards but like any imported fruit, to meet our strict biosecurity standards, they undergo MPI fumigation on arrival in New Zealand. MPI need to treat shipments to make sure they don’t contain any Ecuadorian stowaways.


All Good Organic Banana Chunks

A delicious energy boosting snack in a handy pack.

Organically grown on small family farms in Samoa, dried Misiluki bananas are perfect for sports, snacks and school lunch boxes.

Best of all these little lady finger Misiluki bananas are naturally sweeter than the more widely available Cavendish bananas so they’re a sweet, healthy, tasty treat on their own. No preservatives, no sugar, no sweetener. Nothing but banana and a little lime juice, hot air dried to intensify their delicious flavour.

Like everything we make, All Good Banana Chunks deliver a fair deal for farmers and their families in Samoa and great tasting banana chunks for you.


All Good Organic Mangos

What’s the next best thing to an All Good banana? An All Good mango?

We thought so.

So we searched for mangos that would be good for the land, good for the growers and good for you, just like our bananas.

We found them in Sinaloa Mexico where Manuel Salvador Echeagaray Palacios started growing mangos as a young man of 18 on just five hectares of land. He’s a pioneering organic farmer.

Manuel’s mangos are certified to the USDA-NOP organic standard. These standards guarantee his mangos are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. To manage weeds and pests and nurture his fruit Manuel only uses plant and animal matter on his crops keeping both his soil and his fruit healthy. This sustainable approach is good for the land, good for Manuel, his co-workers and family, and good for you.

Now you can enjoy the sweetest Mexican Mangos knowing they are All Good.