Jorge Coraisaca

Jorge’s dad became part of the Cooperative in 2002. After his dad passed away in 2011, he took over the farm and the responsibility of growing the bananas.


Over the last 16 years, he improved his infrastructure a lot especially the packing station and irrigation system. 

Like a lot of our other farmers, his farm is only small (he has only 3 ha. agroforestry), which means he is only producing bananas and cocoa.

Currently he is producing 60 boxes a week. He works mainly with his family, and only a few additional hands during packing. 

He likes being part of the cooperative as it means not only is he receiving fair payment for his tasty bananas, but he receives all the benefits, like support in school supplies and healthcare. 

Sadly in 2017,  in the rainy season, his bridge giving access to the farm was destroyed. This could’ve been the end of Jorge’s farm, but thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, this was able to fund the development of a whole new bridge.

Sean Walker