All Good Interviews: Morgan Maw

Morgan Maw is the founder of Bonnie Goods.


What is your favourite thing about your neighbourhood?
Hands down, Grey Lynn Park – it’s a wonderful focal point for the community. There are always loads of dog walkers, people playing league and children playing, especially on the new pump track, which seems like a pretty cool thing to have for the older kids. The deciduous trees make a beautiful show this time of year too.

Plus I have to mention, we have some pretty incredible neighbours, including our landlords who live upstairs. Being from small town NZ I never imagined I’d have this sort of community in an inner-city suburb of Auckland.

Describe your workspace.
The Bonnie HQ is in a little factory unit in Penrose, complete with production kitchen, warehouse, staff room and office.

It smells so good (toasted oats) and there are always plenty of oatcakes and biscuits floating around.

Our operations manager is a bit of a wordsmith and write’s up a word of the week every Monday. We now have a rather large collage of these unusual words from the last few months.

You have one day where your city (Auckland) is totally deserted, what would you do?
It may be cliché but surely it has to be traffic-related – I love being around people but excess cars? No thanks.

So yeah, I’d bike across the Harbour Bridge. What a thrill and it would be such an epic view! I look forward to the day the Sky Path opens.

When things are All Good, how do you celebrate?
Invite friends over to our place and enjoy a long, slow meal with good wine and great conversation.

We give you a bunch of All Good bananas, how do you eat them?
As soon as I get them home I would peel the skins, break up into 4/5 pieces and put them in a bag in the freezer. Ready for my week of smoothies and dare I say it, smoothie bowls – not usually one for food trends but smoothie bowls are very good, they make a frequent appearance on our breakfast table.

What’s been the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
So many to choose from! One that springs to mind was in Lisbon, Portugal back in 2012. We arrived into the city coincidently at the same time as the Feast of St Anthony AKA The Lisbon Sardine Festival. All of the local tabernas pulled tables and benches onto the pavements and blocked off the roads for their barbeques – the tables were clad with no frills plastic covers, large carafes of red wine and baskets of broken-up baguette. Upon sitting we were given a plate filled with chargrilled whole sardines – oily and truly delicious. With music filling the air – it was treat not just for the mouth but for all of the senses.

What is a change you’ve made to live a more sustainable lifestyle?
I feel my sustainability habits are very similar to most of peers – I compost, I buy less but quality and ethically made clothing, I use reusable bags and bike when I can.

However, as an owner of a FMCG business I am really interested in innovation with packaging. Our packaging is all fully recyclable (and so it should be) and we use plant-based inks and dyes. I’m keenly following the progress with compostable packaging. Currently, we (the industry) are not quite there yet with producing high-barrier biodegradable packaging that’s fit for domestic composts. But there are some really progressive companies that are working hard to create these materials – we’ll embrace it when the day comes.


In a Split

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee – black filter <3

Beer or Wine?
Wine – I have the palate of a 60-year-old woman. I love an East Coast chardonnay (Odyssey Iliad being my all-time fave). But also I’m enjoying some of the more natural wines coming out. Local boy Rob Burley is making some pretty interesting drops under his brand UNKLE Wines.

Fries; shoestring or thick-cut?
Thick cut

Read the book or watch the movie?
Book please – nothing more indulgent then a lazy Sunday spent reading a good novel.

Favourite coffee spot?
Kokako in Grey Lynn. Very handy to home and vibe is great too.

Run or walk?

North Island or South?
North Island. It’s where I was born and raised and having part ownership in a wee sailing boat has given new appreciation of the amazing spots within a day’s sail of central Auckland.

Designer or vintage?
A mixture – I’m a fan of local designers Kowtow and Twenty-Seven Names but I love the opportunity to bring new life to older clothes. It’s all about buying consciously.

Wall planner or iPhone calendar?

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