We're as Kiwi as you can get for a banana. Make sure you look out for us and choose All Good.

We're as Kiwi as you can get for a banana. Make sure you look out for us and choose All Good.


Over the past three years, Kiwis have got behind us and petitioned their local supermarkets for healthy food with a healthy conscience.  It's paid off.

When we brought the first Fairtrade Bananas to New Zealand from El Guabo, Ecuador a lot of people thought we were mad – after all, aren’t all bananas the same?

Not many Kiwis knew where their bananas came from, how hard it was for growers and their families to make a decent living, or how Fairtrade can fix this.

But a few stores and supermarkets decided to give us a go and the rest is history. The good people at New World, Pak’n Save, Four Square and many smaller independent stores around the country have been with us all the way and we wanted to let you know how great they are.

With your help, in just three years we’ve all put Fairtrade bananas on the map in New Zealand. 

We are proud to be the small pioneering company that bought Kiwis their first taste of Fairtrade fruit. We are also proud that campaigning has encouraged other banana importers and supermarkets to consider offering their customers Fairtrade bananas. But we encourage them to consider doing the same for all of their bananas, and not just some of them.

In the UK, 38% of bananas now sold in supermarkets are Fairtrade. Three major retailers have switched their supply to 100% Fairtrade. In some parts of Europe, over 50% of bananas sold are Fairtrade. We think this is something we should aim for in NZ too.

A big thanks to every one of you for supporting us and campaigning for a fairer choice. 

The good work we’re all doing has been recognised by the Ethisphere Institute in New York who awarded us an ethical Oscar as one of the ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies 2013’ earlier this year.

If you want to continue to support us, as the only fully Kiwi Fairtrade banana company, make sure you choose All Good.
Jonathan's visit to El Guabo - P2: El Guabo Special School

Jonathan's visit to El Guabo - P2: El Guabo Special School

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Keren in El Guabo

Keren in El Guabo

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