FREE School Bananas learning kit

FREE School Bananas learning kit

Download your FREE School Bananas pack here!

Want to learn more about the All Good story, Fairtrade and where your bananas come from? You've come to the right place.

The All Good Bananas - School Pack traces the journey of our Fairtrade bananas from the farms where they are grown in El Guabo, Ecuador to your fruit bowl.

The All Good gorilla introduce you to some of the farmers and bananareos in the El Guabo cooperative. See how bananas grow, how they are harvested and packed for their journey to New Zealand. Then learn about what makes Fairtrade bananas different from your average bunch of bananas. 

We’ve also thrown in some fun activity ideas and information to help with lesson ideas.

What’s in this pack?
• The All Good Bananas Story - Video
• Where do All Good Bananas come from? – Poster
• Fairtrade Banana Quiz
• Grower Profile – Anibal Cabrera
• Where do All Good Bananas come from – Activities

The pack is designed for primary school kids as a resource to compliment lessons on Fairtrade and to bring to life the story of New Zealand’s most popular fruit. 

Watch our schools video by clicking on the banner above. 

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