At All Good we work directly with Fairtrade banana growers in El Guabo, Ecuador to bring you the best quality bananas and to ensure a fair deal for our friends who grow them.

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Maria Tacuri is a doctor at the El Guabo Cooperative Medical Centre funded by Fairtrade*. Visits are free for El Guabo members, to make sure all the families get easy access to good health care.

Wilson Sanchez grows All Good Bananas on his small organic banana farm in the rainforest high in the Andean mountains. He doesn’t use chemicals on his bananas, keeping the land green and the water clean and attracting lots of wildlife. It’s a banana paradise.

Wilson Junior is able to do the things boys should do – like going to school and playing soccer! Child workers are a no-no.

José the donkey is a bananero (banana worker). When the bananas are picked and packed in boxes, José helps carry them down the steep rainforest terrain. Sustainable transport at its best!

Wilson’s oldest daughter Kelly is studying civil engineering at the University of Machala. Special college scholarships are funded by Fairtrade*.

Julia Flores is a Year 2 teacher at 5th De April School. Around a quarter of the children at this small school are from El Guabo families. They receive special packs - books, stationery and bags*.

Napoleon the truck driver carries the precious boxes of bananas from Wilson’s farm to the El Guabo depot where they are packed into containers to be shipped to New Zealand.

Norma Porras is a banana nana with 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Norma and her husband Angel have owned their family farm for over 45 years, taking the reigns from her brothers and father. Thanks to Fairtrade they have been guaranteed a secure income and future for the whole family. Nice one Norma.

Pedro and Graciella grow Fairtrade bananas on their family finca (farm), La Voluntad. Since joining El Guabo they now have the security of a fair and stable price. That makes them smile a lot.

Wilson, Pedro and Graciella are part of the El Guabo Cooperative of Small Banana Farmers along with over 120 other small farmers. During the past 4 years, Kiwis have contributed over $500,000 in extra funding for special projects, in addition to the fair price we pay for each box.

The Captain makes sure the bananas travel safely from Ecuador to New Zealand. It takes three weeks on a container ship and covers 12,638 kilometers of water.

At All Good we get bananas off the boat, make sure they’re just the right shade of yellow and send them out around the country. We’re a small 100% Kiwi owned business and proud to be able to bring you the best quality Fairtrade bananas.

Keren Rego teaches the Pt Chev Primary Fairtrade class and raises money each year for the 5th de April School. Her class have petitioned the local supermarket to stock more Fairtrade products and made an award-winning Fairtrade movie. Keren’s a Fairtrade superhero.

Kiwi mums go bananas for bananas. Did you know that New Zealanders buy more bananas per person than any other country in the world! They’re excellent energy food, full of fibre and packed with great vitamins.

You can find All Good Bananas in local stores around the country, at New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square and a whole host of independent grocers.

Olly Wilkinson from Lower Hutt loves banana smoothies. As well as tasting yum, Olly knows that by choosing Fairtrade bananas he’s helping kids just like him on the other side of the world. It’s amazing what a banana can do.

For every bunch of Fairtrade bananas you buy, a percentage goes back to the El Guabo cooperative to fund education, health and community projects. During the past four years, Kiwis have contributed over $500,000 to this Fairtrade premium, in addition to the fair price paid for each box. Thanks to you, the people of El Guabo have a fair deal.

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